Drop blocks of text in any app

The best text expansion app for Windows.

Free, simple & powerful.


DropExpander stores your snippets,
then you can drop them instantly in any app

Simply (it's free)

the app

Save text snippets you frequently need to type

Drop it instantly in the app you’re working on

DropExpander avoids repetitive typing, makes your life easier

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How it works?

DropExpander is an intuitive text expansion app.

First you create or copy your own snippets in DropExpander.

While working on a app, click on the
DropExpander icon to show the snippet list.

Click on a snippet to automatically copy
its content in the app you're working on.

Or trigger a snippet using a shortcut abbreviation
(auto expansion).


Cloud sync so your snippets follow you on any computer.

Add fill-in boxes into your snippets
(checkbox, listbox).

Works in all applications in Windows
(web browser, email, documents).

A workplace essential: customer support, coders,
typists, legal transcriptionists, doctors, etc.

DropExpander is the free TextExpander alternative!


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And we're still developing...
Here is what we're working on.

Mac version for a cross-platform solution

Sharing with team and friends

More keys to trigger expansion

Use abbreviations without trigger key